night run!

Race 2 | 10K @ Balgone Estate, North Berwick

Grab your head torch and join us for a night run around Balgone Estate. The course will be the same as previous years, but will you recognise it in the dark?!

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12 February 2022

12 February 2022 @ 7pm

Expect mud… and lots of it! Balgone was the site for Total Warrior, so has the potential to be the muddiest of the series!

The course will be completely way-marked and marshalled. Keep an eye out for the signage as it is easy to go wrong when the lights are down.

Balgone is unique for its topographical features, with rocky crags and low lying valleys, Balgone provides a completely different experience to any of the other FoxTrail runs!

10km Night Run

Grab your best headtorch and join us for the only night run of the series. We will take you on a mixture of forest trails and open farmland. Keep your wits about you as there may be some muddy patches.

There will be no lighting on the course so make sure you have a fully working head torch and some spare batteries or a spare torch just in case.

Race 2 – Athlete Briefing 2022

This athlete briefing contains all the information you should need for race day. Please read it carefully before event day.

What’s included in the entry fee?

  • Professionally organised race
  • Fully Signed Course
  • Race medical first aid cover
  • Chip Timing
  • Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Male and Female

Venue & Facilities

Balgone Estate
​Balgone Barns
North Berwick
EH39 5NY

This family run farm on the outskirts of North Berwick is the perfect place for a night time adventure, heading out through woodland and on to muddy farmland. You may need to watch your step as it can get a little muddy underfoot.

Get Directions

Race car-parking will be in a field on the Estate. Please follow the directions of marshals.


What should I wear?

It is winter so bring something warm to wear for before and after the race. For the race wear run clothing suitable for the weather on the day and make sure you are in your trail shoes, on-road trainers are not advised.

What else do I need?

This event takes place in the dark so make sure you bring a fully functioning head torch. We would suggest you also bring a spare torch and some replacement batteries just in case.

Do I need full waterproofs?

We are not going up any massive hills on these events so you do not need to carry full hill kit. You may want to bring a waterproof jacket and extra layer just in case the weather gets chilly.

Can I run with my dog? 

We have limited entries for our 5k series for those wishing to run with a dog. Make sure you keep your dog on a harness or short lead whilst running and be sure to clean up after it if it makes a mess.

What is the exact route?

Full route information will be published on our website around 2 weeks prior to the event. Some routes require land owner permission and cannot be recced prior to the event, we therefore do not publish the route in advance of the events.

Can I defer?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer deferrals, for information on refund options please see Terms & Conditions – Durty Events.

Can I have a refund?

For information on refund options please see Terms & Conditions – Durty Events.

Can I Change distance?

If the event you have entered has more than 1 distance option available then it is possible to transfer to another distance, this must be done at least 2 weeks in advance of the event and may be subject to a small admin fee. Please see Terms & Conditions – Durty Events for more information.

I’ve forgotten if I signed up, can you check?

If you ticked the box on sign up to allow your name to be published on our website then head over to the entries page and view the list to check for your name.


See who has entered so far… this only includes entrants who have allowed us to share their entry.
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Series Entries

Jack BissetMale
Michael FairbairnMale
Craig BurgessMale
Neve McGregorFemale
Suzanne SandlandFemale
Catriona KnottFemale
Kari McKainFemale
Colin AndersonMale
Liam MasonMale
Richard StewartMale
Andrea DavisonFemale
Jonathan EllisMale
Caitlin BeaganFemale
Frank BeaganMale
Anna RaffertyFemale
Matteo ZanibellatoMale
Angeline maherFemale
Cole MccullochMale
Aasim ChaudhryMale
caitlin taylorFemale
Jacqueline ParkerFemale
Richard HadfieldMale
Sabrina SeveroFemale
Steve MoseleyMale
Emma BurtonFemale
Matt Mitchell-TebbsMale
Sarah GreigFemale
Iain BellMale
Mark MaloneMale
Al StantonMale
Stephen FeyMale
suzie StewartFemale
Ian DennisonMale
Keith LangkeyMale
Jason MartinMale
Fiona MackayFemale
Stephane MaurageMale
Coll WilliamsonMale
Michael ConnellyMale
Colin WoodMale
amos fazzariMale
Paul FinlayMale
Paul ChowdhryMale
Alasdair BayneMale
Iain IrvingMale
Russell BartonMale
Leigh VerdotFemale
David HammondMale
Esther McLuckieFemale
Anna WojtczukFemale
Neil GrantMale
Miriam AdcockFemale
Claire HendryFemale
Steven D'ArcyMale
Leonie CairnsFemale
Thomas UptonMale
Helen BridleFemale
Fran DaleyFemale
Mairi McInnesFemale
Lisa ParryFemale
Malcolm ParryMale
Mike AikmanMale
Charlie TaylorMale
Keith VeitchMale
Peter GreenMale
Kevin VeitchMale
Janyne AfsethFemale
Timothy SporleMale
Marlene OrthFemale
Jenny WrightFemale
Pamela TaitFemale
Sam AndersonMale
Kirsty OddsFemale
Joe MeltonMale
Fiona RiggFemale
Claire JellemaFemale
Zoe MacaulayFemale
Andrew GrantMale
Lindsay ReidFemale
Graham TennetMale
Tania CockburnFemale
Donald MilneMale
David HopeMale
Claire JamiesonFemale
Adam SzymoszowskyjMale
Ruth AitkenFemale
Lamia MorganFemale
Duncan BirseMale
Alice LoudonFemale
Deborah DickinsonFemale
Karen RobertsonFemale
Kevin MacIverMale
Jean-Paul VitryMale
Roger PeppietteMale
Andrew FraserMale
Jemma BeattieFemale
Alasdair FordMale
Victoria BruceFemale
Hamish DuncanMale

Race 2 entries

Robert GrayMale
Oliver ReynoldsMale
Emme ThomasFemale
Hollie HindleyFemale
Sophie DawesFemale
Stephanie MccullaghFemale
Jim StewartMale
Conrad CampbellMale
Lucy GavaghanFemale
Ella MooreFemale
Matthew LawMale
Damian McNamaraMale
Lucy LloydFemale
Oliver TeenanMale
Richard HooperMale
Anna SadlierFemale
Mark FryMale
Marcin KarpowiczMale
Stephen NisbetMale
Molly HemmingsFemale
ZOE JohnstoneFemale
Gavin HardyMale
Lauren NieuwenhuysFemale
Victoria RobertsFemale
Jason SinclairMale
Carol InnesFemale
Andrew InnesMale
Chris SoftleyMale
Angela LambFemale
Megan Kirton MeganFemale
Philippa FarneseFemale
Tom AitkenMale
Jennifer GrewarFemale
Emma OlverFemale
Elfreda WhittyFemale
Richard DaveyMale
Ben HarrisMale
Lynne SmillieFemale
Richard StarkMale
Duncan CassidyMale
Douglas HighMale
Mark GormleyMale
Catherine BarclayFemale
Charlie TurnbullFemale
Martyn BellMale
Anna BellFemale
Wynne EilidhFemale
Joanna WeintrittFemale
Neill MabbottMale
Kirsty StewartFemale
Breck StewartMale
Carolyn CowieFemale
Jill ThomsonFemale
Yvonne CairnsFemale
Nick TannerMale
Pippa TannerFemale
Leon ShearerMale
Willie McIntyreMale
Linsey NeilsonFemale
Trevor AndrewsMale
Susan AndrewsFemale
Nikki AndrewsFemale
Julia McDonaldFemale
Renee WhitehouseFemale
Andy LoweMale
Lee CampbellMale
Bev AndersonFemale
Candice SullivanFemale
Alasdair MacdonaldMale
Vicky CrichtonFemale
Miguel MudarraMale
Steven LawMale
Carolyn LaingFemale
Maria BurtonFemale
Robin BarrieFemale
Eddie TurnbullMale
John CrichtonMale
Hannah EsserFemale
Callum LawMale
Elaine KilpatrickFemale
Alastair KilpatrickMale
Kate AllanFemale
Alex FoynMale
Natalie GravettFemale
Eilidh WardFemale
Miriam LangFemale
Lynn HanleyFemale
Fiona WhittakerFemale
David HunterMale
Linda HowieFemale
Gregg NicolsonMale