Race 3 @ Pole to Pole (Coldingham)

Back for 2023 – Pole to Pole: Coastal Trail Run – Start your year with this challenging event on the beautiful Berwickshire coast. This trail run includes a special timed stage with a nautical twist!  Prizes awarded for the fastest runners on our special stage

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14 January 2023

14 January 2023 @ 10am

Join us at Coldingham Beach to take on this picturesque Trail Run.

The added twist in the 19km (approx) trail run is a timed special stage between the two Admiralty Distance Poles that stand high on the St Abb’s Head headland.

These two sets of poles sit on the cliffs to the west of St Abb’s Head and they are exactly a nautical mile apart. Normally used by ships to measure their performance, we will be using them to accurately measure yours! Tackle this special timed stage at top speed, it’s only a (nautical) mile after all. Oh, did we mention the poles are on either side of a ravine and include 120 meters of climb…

The 5k takes you out towards the pretty village of St Abbs before heading back towards the beach via a cliff top path. The course then winds its way up to the finish line in the main village of Coldingham.

Pole to Pole 5km Run

This run is a mixture of quiet roads, farm tracks and coastal paths. The course takes you from Coldingham to St Abbs, then back along the stunning cliff top paths, across Coldingham Bay to finally wind your way to the finish line.

Please note the course start/finish has changed from 2022.  

Race 3 5k Map

19k Pole to Pole Trail Run

With slight modifications from last year, the route comprises of off-road trail running using a range of paths, trails, minor roads and farmland. The start and finish will be at Scoutscroft Caravan Park and depending on tide times may involve a small stretch of running on sand.

Follow the trail through Coldingham Village and along to St Abbs Head before heading to Pettico Wick, take in the views as you stride out along the stunning clifftop paths before getting your sprint on for the nautical mile. Ease off the pace as you join farmland trails and woodland paths leading you back to cross Coldingham Bay and head to the finish line.

Race 3 19k Map

Your athlete briefing is now here, please, please read it, it will answer some if not all of your questions.  Please note the start/finish area has changed from last year and the course direction for the 19k run has also changed.

FoxTrail Race 3 – Athlete Briefing



What’s included in the entry fee?

  • Professionally organised race
  • Race medical first aid cover
  • Chip Timing
  • Well stocked aid stations
  • Finishers Medal
  • Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Male and Female
  • Prizes for 1st Male and Female on the Nautical Mile 

Venue & Facilities

Scoutscroft Leisure Park
​St Abbs Road
TD14 5NB

The Leisure Park has Caravan and Camping pods for hire so why not make a weekend of it. View their website here – Scoutscroft | Holiday Park near Eyemouth | Verdant Leisure

The beach itself is about 1 kilometre long and 200 metres wide. It faces east so is a good place to catch the early morning sun. The clean sands are backed by plenty of grassy areas and the area itself has a relaxed, rural feel to it. 


There is an unclassified road from Coldingham Village to Coldingham Bay. The event parking will be at the Priors Walk Car Park which is a short walk from the start line at Scoutscroft Leisure Park. 



By Public transport – A regular bus service from Berwick-upon-Tweed (where there is a railway station) and passing through Eyemouth stops at both Coldingham village and St Abbs village. 



What should I wear?

It is winter so bring something warm to wear for before and after the race. For the race wear run clothing suitable for the weather on the day and make sure you are in your trail shoes, on-road trainers are not advised.

Do I need full waterproofs?

We are not going up any massive hills on these events so you do not need to carry full hill kit. You may want to bring a waterproof jacket and extra layer just in case the weather gets chilly.

Can I run with my dog? 

Unfortunately, dogs are not permitted to run with you at these events.

What is the exact route?

Full route information will be published on our website around 2 weeks prior to the event. Some routes require land owner permission and cannot be recced prior to the event, we therefore do not publish the route in advance of the events.

Can I defer?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer deferrals, for information on refund options please see Terms & Conditions – Durty Events.

Can I have a refund?

For information on refund options please see Terms & Conditions – Durty Events.

Can I change distance?

If the event you have entered has more than 1 distance option available then it is possible to transfer to another distance, this must be done at least 2 weeks in advance of the event and may be subject to a small admin fee. Please see Terms & Conditions – Durty Events for more information.

I’ve forgotten if I signed up, can you check?

If you ticked the box on sign up to allow your name to be published on our website then head over to the entries page and view the list to check for your name.


If your question has not been answered here, then feel free to send an email to info@durtyevents.com where we will be more than happy to answer your query.

Entries Closed

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Full Series Entries

Russ WainwrightMale
Linda DearnleyFemale
Clara MumfordFemale
Ciar NixonMale
Amos FazzariMale
David AndersonMale
Drew SharkeyMale
Aasim ChaudhryMale
Katy JacksonFemale
Graham TennetMale
Gavin HardyMale
Irakusne LopezFemale
Emily RevellFemale
Chris HarrisMale
Ailsa BarclayFemale
Jason SinclairMale
Victoria RobertsFemale
Sandy NobleMale
Ben FergusonMale
Willie McIntyreMale
Linda QuinnFemale
David CraigMale
Claire JamiesonFemale
Graeme WelshMale
Ally MitchellMale
Craig HendersonMale
Alistair MarshMale
Richard HassettMale
Jeremy MilneMale
Sarah HerdFemale
Gavin HerdMale
Andy MillerMale
Chris MorganMale
John Wilson BealesMale
Fiona Wilson-BealesFemale
Ross CameronMale
Jonathan EllisMale
Andrew FraserMale
Fiona RiggFemale
Colin YoungMale
Fraser MunroMale
Catherine MunroFemale
Cameron WhyteMale
Dougie FairgrieveMale
Rowena HallidayFemale
Stuart SmithMale
Wendy SmithFemale
Kenny McCartneyMale
Grainne ShieldsFemale
Roger PeppietteMale
Catherine AdamFemale
Victoria BailieFemale
Jennifer GordonFemale
Kevin MacIverMale
Judith LaneFemale
Carol InnesFemale
Andrew InnesMale
Annmarie HughesFemale
chris hughesMale
Maddie PurverFemale
Maureen EvansFemale
Alex LeeMale
Chris ButterworthMale
Tony MarshallMale
Simon PeltenburgMale
Claire VerriFemale
steve waldronMale
Andrew GrantMale
David BurnsMale
Victoria ReidFemale
Keir GreenhalghMale
Mike HarveyMale
Alan AffleckMale
Joseph RosarioMale
Tim GriffinMale
Julie ArthurFemale
Alison CoburnFemale
Innes ZenatiMale
Donald MilneMale
James OwersMale
Ross MabberleyMale
Rebecca MillerFemale
Gordon KirkhamMale
Diana BardsleyFemale
Chris SoftleyMale
Neil DavidsonMale
Graham EastwoodMale
Colin WoodMale
Tania CockburnFemale
Jason MartinMale
Janette RaineyFemale
Gail MackayFemale

Race 3 | 19K entries

Christopher WrightMale
Joanna BallantyneFemale
Claire WellerFemale
Timothy SporleMale
Tom HarleyMale
Michael McvieMale
Cal WyllieMale
Jo ThompsonFemale
Jason crozierMale
Alex CunninghamMale
Andy NicollMale
Hart AndrewMale
Mia PadmanabhanFemale
Jules BlancMale
Seona burnettFemale
Tom FendickMale
Emma BurtonFemale
Jamie TaitMale
Craig WilsonMale
Tracy PhilpFemale
Ruth AitkenFemale
Gavin KerrMale
Carolyn MortonFemale
David AllisonMale
al donaldMale
Jennifer JonesFemale
Katie DurrantFemale
Greig DurrantMale
Graeme AmbroseMale
Shirley LawsonFemale
Graeme SmithMale
William BennettMale
Isobel WilsonFemale
John GurneyMale
Andy McCurrachMale
Gary CrosbieMale
Owen RedpathMale
Emma Ogilvie-HallFemale
Luke BennettMale
Susan LawFemale
Roisin McCannFemale
Ewan CrawfordMale
Emma MitchellFemale
Hannah DentFemale
Hilary SmithFemale
Paul HayesMale
Gerbier CedricMale
Jade WrightFemale
Maja DonaldsonFemale
John HarfieldMale
Claire O’ConnellFemale
Mike AikmanMale
Andrew RaeburnMale
Euan GilchristMale
Kari SpenceFemale
William AndersonMale
Graeme ArmstrongMale
Monteith IslaFemale
Alison MallonFemale
Jane MacMillan janeFemale
susan copelandFemale
amanda muirFemale
Helena GribbenFemale
Derek EssonMale
Richard HooperMale
Lindsay ReidFemale
Owen McCartneyMale
morag gardenFemale
Hugh McMichaelMale
Morag McIntyreFemale
Graham McIntyreMale
jacqueline marquisFemale
Malcolm McGregorMale
Steve BestMale
Susan RobertsonFemale
Iain ToddMale
Lynn HanleyFemale

5K Series Entries

Sally KetchinFemale
Diane SheffieldFemale
Angela BalharrieFemale
Lee RobsonMale
Ruth LongmuirFemale
Charlie CoshamFemale
Tom FranklandMale
Heather BarnesFemale
Laura JeffreyFemale
Chris NicolMale
Janey NicolFemale
Kate BuglerFemale
Catriona Fraser-HarrisFemale
Eleanor DavidsonFemale
Phillipa ThorneFemale
Katherine CotterFemale
Gwen EdwardsFemale
Fee AndrewsFemale
Julia HarrisonFemale
Anna MilneFemale
Jamie BrannanMale
Lauren ForrestFemale
Kevin GibsonMale
Jonathan GordonMale
Calum McCabeMale
Yvonne IzattFemale
Gregg NicolsonMale
Tammy Swift-AdamsFemale
Penny Laurie-PileFemale
Mary CollacottFemale
Agnes McKnightFemale

Race 3 | 5K entries

Chris HallMale
Nicholas BoxMale
Ashleigh ReidFemale
Kenneth TaylorMale
Lesley WinterFemale
kirsty mclaughlinFemale
Neal PadmanabhanMale
Hazel MoarFemale
David BlackburnMale
Keith HoodMale
David HendersonMale
Lizelle KempFemale
Suzanne HarleyFemale
Helen Whiteley-McPheeFemale
Alison ClarkFemale
Sophie MacDonaldFemale
Polly BlackFemale
Mark GormleyMale
Rachael HodgsonFemale
Hilary O'SheaFemale
Alan MuirMale