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What You Can Expect

Iconic races in beautiful locations. Our events also have a laid-back, humorous atmosphere and are great value for money. Most importantly, you can be reassured that our events that are safe, well-thought-out and professionally organised.

Who’s it For?

We aim to make our events as inclusive as possible. We want to encourage people who are new to events as well as those that are old hands. It is our aim to create an environment where everyone has fun. We like to do everything with a smile on our faces!.

Positive Local Impact

We’re not keen on events that arrive, happen, use/abuse local infrastructure, and leave nothing behind.

We try hard to engage with local people and to leave positive economic impacts for local businesses and groups.


Our events could not take place without the generosity of our huge team of marshals.

If you’d like to join us as a marshal at any of our events please join our volunteer mailing list here and we will contact you when we are looking for event helpers!