Durty Timing is now able to offer a Race Timing service to Race Organisers.

Our equipment is the Sport Ident ‘dibber’ type that is widely used in Adventure Racing and Orienteering (including the World Championships where there’s no back-up system, and 100% accuracy is vital), and is also the system of choice for the year-round Fred Whitton Sportive course. It’s perfect for Sportives, MTB Enduro and Off-Road Events of all kinds.

How does it work?

The competitor wears a tiny (it’s about the size of your little finger) ‘dibber’, usually attached on a tough Tyvek band (which we supply) on their wrist. When they reach the timing point (which could be a Transition In/Out, checkpoint on a Bike course, Enduro Stage Start etc.) they ‘dib’ into a small electronic box. It bleeps, and their time at that point is recorded onto the dibber.

Once they’ve reached the finish line, we download the information from the dibber and the results are produced automatically. We can even give each finisher an individual printout of their result, including full splits, seconds after they cross the finish line.

The beauty of the system is that the check point boxes are so small – no huge, heavy timing mats here. This means we can put a timing point pretty much anywhere – including at the tops of mountains! (which we do regularly for the Celtman event – see www.cxtri.com).

The system is supplied complete with operator, laptop and printers. We’ve even got a batteries, inverters and generators that can be used if there isn’t a mains power supply. We also got signage, stakes, gazebos, tables and chairs – the complete package to give Race Organisers a hassle free day!

We’ve got loads of experience of using the system – after all, it’s the kit we chose to invest in for our own stuff, and we’ve been using it regularly for years.

The system is suitable for races and events of all kinds, whether competitive or non-competitive:

  • Trail Running
  • Mountain Bike Marathons
  • Mountain Bike Enduro
  • Sportives
  • Open Water Triathlon
  • Off-Road Triathlon
  • Charity Events
  • Adventure Racing
  • Orienteering
  • Ultra Running
  • Duathlon