Craggy Island Triathlon

Craggy Island Triathlon 2023 has an exciting new course as well as much improved facilities.  In a change to the previous format we will now start and finish on the north end of the island at the picturesque, Kerrera Marina.


Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th September 2023

Saturday 23rd September & Sunday 24th September 2023

The award winning Craggy Island Triathlon takes place on the incredible unspoilt Hebridean island of Kerrera, off Scotland’s stunning West coast, and close to the bustling town of Oban.

With an all new swim and run course and a slightly altered bike course we will take in all of the sights that the north of island has to offer. The event will once again take place across 2 days with a race held on both Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September.  Both days are the same distance so just pick the day that suits you best. 

The course will see you swim 600m point-to-point around the pretty Kerrera Marina, before heading off to Gylen Castle at the South end of the Island on the 16km bike course. Once back at the Marina you will head out for a beautiful 8.5km trail run around the North End peninsula with views towards Dunollie Castle.  

The races are off-road, and will take you around the islands coast and over the wild hillside terrain with spectacular views across the Firth of Lorne and Sound of Mull.

Each race will provide a warm (well, we can’t promise the water will be warm!) and welcome environment for newbies and triathlon beginners, as well as a tough off-road challenge for those who fancy their chances at the head of the field.


Why Kerrera Marina?

Using the north of the island, means you can get the  event foot passenger ferry directly from Oban, avoiding our previous logistical issue with narrow roads, a lack of near-by parking facilities, and people getting to and from the start line.

Not only that, we’re simply able to bring you much better services, and deliver a better event experience. 

Kerrera Marina is home to the Waypoint Restaurant and Bar which will be serving up delicious refreshments throughout the event – or even a beer for your supporters – and possibly even you after the race! You’ll find regular toilets, shelter, and hard standing – simple things that bring a little more comfort.  Finally, our event date won’t be determined by the tide.  


There will be two races in 2023. Make sure you enter the right day for you!

  • Sat 23rd September 2023 – Start approx 1100hrs – Craggy Island Triathlon Day 1
  • Sun 24th September 2023 – Start approx 1100hrs – Craggy Island Triathlon Day 2 

Isle of Kerrera Development Trust 

Craggy Island is supporting the new Kerrera School House Community project aiming to restore the islands’ Old School to become the islands first community hub providing a space for islanders to socialise and hold community events for the first time.  Head over to Isle of Kerrera ( to find out more and see how you can support them.

The course

Craggy Island 2023 Course Map

Areas of our course are on private land, if you choose to recce the course please avoid these areas.

Open Water Swim

  • Wetsuits compulsory. A to B Swim 600m (across Ardantrive Bay) Deep water start.

Off-Road Mountain Bike.

This will be on a combination of landrover and quad tracks and paths, and is a bit hilly (ahem!). There’s nothing wildly extreme, however, this is proper mountain biking in places, not just riding round a lovely grassy field – if you feel the need to walk a bit, no problem, we’d prefer you stay in one piece!. You’ll see most of the island on your travels, and have what must surely be the most scenic triathlon bike course in the world. Amazing.

MTB Course Description – Adult Race

8.5km (ish) Off-Road Run

This is going to be interesting. It’s proper off road. In fact, it’s more like a hill-race than the ‘cross country’ you might remember from school. The route will take you across rough trackless boggy and wild hillsides, but you’ll be rewarded with the most incredible views of the island, across to the Isle of Mull. Along the way you’ll visit the Hutchesons monument with stunning views across to Dunollie Castle, before returning to the finish at the ferry slip. You may wish to incorporate a few hills in your training regime……

The Athlete Briefing notes are below please give them a read as they will answer most if not all of your question.  Also below is a copy of the ferry timetable, please note that this year ferries will leave from the Oban Times Pier, please make your way to the earliest ferry you can to help spread the load and keep the flow of transport going.

Athlete Briefing Craggy Island 2023

Ferry Timetable

Craggy Island 2023 Course Map

Saturday Solo Race Numbers

Saturday Relay Race Numbers

Sunday Solo Race Numbers

Sunday Relay Race Numbers


Normal Triathlon Scotland rules will apply – see for further details.

We are really hot on no littering. We rely on the goodwill of our landowners, and we just cannot afford for them to be irritated, or the island spoilt by our litter. This specifically includes Gel/Bar wrappers, Banana skins etc. Simple rule: if you’re caught littering, it’s an instant DQ. You’ve been warned (sorry to be heavy, but…. you know!).

Note: no campervans/motorhomes (vans under 6m/Transit van size are ok) are allowed in our car parks.

Bike Hire

Here’s some possibilities for local bike hire. Please note: these aren’t recommendations – we’re just trying to help 🙂


The Craggy Island Athlete Briefing Notes will be posted here approximately 2 weeks prior to the event, you will be notified by email when they are available.

Please, please read this it will answer most if not all of your questions.  Make sure you pay attention to timings, if you miss the ferry for registration you will not be able to compete

What’s included in the entry fee?

  • Professionally organised race
  • Full water safety team cover
  • Full race medical first aid cover
  • Chip Timing
  • Ferry Fees (as foot passengers) for Competitors
  • Optional Event T-Shirt (or tree-planting donation)


Kerrera Marina
Isle of Kerrera,
PA34 4SX

useful links

useful links

Can I ditch the wetsuit?

This event is run under Triathlon Scotland Rules please see Competition Rules – Triathlon Scotland for information on wetsuit use and water temperatures.

Can I wear boots/gloves?

This event is run under Triathlon Scotland Rules please see Competition Rules – Triathlon Scotland for information on the use of boots/gloves for the swim section.

What’s the water temperature?

Water Temperatures vary depending on the weather conditions pre-event but the sea temperature is likely to be around 12-14oC.

Tell me about the ferry

You’ll be getting to the island via some chartered private ferries for the short (15mins) trip across Oban bay. These will leave from near North Pier in Oban. It is most likely that you will travel on one boat, and your bike on another, arriving around the same time. You will be allocated a ferry time and will be advised of this when we release the athlete guide c. 2 weeks before the event. Please do not turn up late (or too early) for your ferry. We’re trying to keep queues down to a sensible size, and need you to help us. Precise details TBC, but all ferries will probably leave between 8am and 9:30am. There will be space for friends and family to come to the island as well. but they will need to pay for a ticket (c. £5 return). They may not be able to catch the same boat as you, but we will get everyone across. Expect a bit of a queue post-race to return to Oban as everyone tries to leave atthe same time. View it as a perfect excuse to grab a beer from the Waypoint Bar and relax 🙂

What type of bike do I need?

We would recommend a mountain bike for this event, however depending on biker ability you may be able to use a gravel or cross bike. Please read our course guides carefully before choosing a non-mountain bike option .

Can a Relay Team be made up of 2 people rather than 3?

Yes relay teams can be made of 2 people with 1 person completing 2 of the 3 sections, when completing the entry be sure to put the appropriate name against each event leg.

What is the exact route?

Full route information will be published on our website around 2 weeks prior to the event. Some routes require land owner permission and cannot be recced prior to the event, we therefore do not publish the route in advance of the events.

Can I bring a campervan?

Car parking is tight so unfortunately we are unable to accept campervans/motorhomes (vans under 6m/Transit van size are ok) in our car parks – we just can’t fit big vehicles in.  Please do not try to bring large vehicles to this event, it causes chaos.

Can I defer?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer deferrals, for information on refund options please see Terms & Conditions – Durty Events.

Can I have a refund?

For information on refund options please see Terms & Conditions – Durty Events.

Can I Change distance?

If the event you have entered has more than 1 distance option available then it is possible to transfer to another distance, this must be done at least 2 weeks in advance of the event and may be subject to a small admin fee. Please see Terms & Conditions – Durty Events for more information.

I’ve forgotten if I signed up, can you check? If you selected the option to display your entry on the website you will be able to look up the list at the bottom of this page.  If you did not select to display your name then please keep hold of your race confirmation email.


Entries Closed 19th September 2023


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