Craggy Island Triathlon

Unique in the UK and probably the World, the Craggy Island Triathlon will have you swimming across the sound of Kerrera from the mainland to an island to start your race. How cool is that?

Entries Closed

1st – 2nd October 2022

1st – 2nd October 2022

The award winning Craggy Island Triathlon takes place on the incredible unspoilt Hebridean island of Kerrera, off Scotland’s stunning West coast, and close to the bustling town of Oban.

Craggy Island 2022 is going large and for the first time we bring you Craggy XL (ok maybe not XL but certainly a bit longer).  On Saturday 1st October try out our new course incorporating a 900m swim, 18km bike and 8km hill run! 

Not ready to supersize your Craggy experience?  Sign up for our Sunday event which will follow our usual course of 550m swim, 14km bike and 8km hill run.

The races are entirely off-road (there are no roads on the island, so there’s not much choice about that!), and will take you from sea level to the highest point of the island with spectacular views across the Firth of Lorne and Sound of Mull.

Each race will provide a warm (well, we can’t promise the water will be warm!) and welcome environment for newbies and triathlon beginners, as well as a tough off-road challenge for those who fancy their chances at the head of the field.

Craggy Island is supporting the new Kerrera School House Community project aiming to restore the islands’ old schoolhouse to become the islands first community hub providing a space for islanders to socialise and hold community events for the first time.  Head over to Isle of Kerrera ( to find out more and see how you can support them.

Kids race

2nd October 2022: TriStars 2 (Age 11-12) TriStars 3 (Age 13-14) & Youth Start (Age 15-16) Start (approx 1200hrs)

  • Craggy Island Kids (150m Swim, 6km MTB, 2km Hill Run)

This race forms part of Triathlon Scotland’s 2022 National Triathlon Series. In order to place in the series you must be a Core or Ultimate member of Triathlon Scotland on the day of the race.

To find out more about the series, please click here 

To join Triathlon Scotland, please click here


There will be three separate races in 2022. Make sure you enter the right one!

  • Sat 1st October 2022 – Start approx 1100hrs (TBC) – Craggy Island XL Triathlon Day 1
  • Sun 2nd October 2022 – Start approx 1100hrs (TBC) – Craggy Island Standard Triathlon Day 2 
  • Sun 2nd October 2022 – TriStars 2/3 & Youth Start (approx 1200hrs, TBC) – Craggy Island Kids (150m Swim, 6km MTB, 2km Hill Run)

Oban Mountain Rescue Team

Craggy Island Triathlon is proud to be associated with the Oban Mountain Rescue Team who provide search and rescue cover for an area covering the northwest of Argyll from Bridge of Orchy to Campbeltown and the islands including Mull and Jura, as well as first aid cover for our event. 

The team consists of 37 active members all of who are unpaid volunteers dedicating their time to helping people in need.  Every member is an emergency first aider. If you feel you can help the team in any way, would like further information on the team, or would like to provide a donation please visit their website:

The course

Craggy XL Saturday – Course Map

Craggy Sunday – Course Map

Craggy Junior – Course Map

Open Water Swim

  • Wetsuits compulsory. A to B Swim (i.e.Gallanach on the Mainland to the Isle of Kerrera. Deep water start. The XL will be an extended swim to 900m.

Off-Road Mountain Bike.

This will be on a combination of landrover and quad tracks and paths, and is a bit hilly (ahem!). There’s nothing wildly extreme, however, this is proper mountain biking in places, not just riding round a lovely grassy field – if you feel the need to walk a bit, no problem, we’d prefer you stay in one piece!. The XL race will be extended from the usual one lap which remains in place for Sunday. You’ll see most of the island on your travels, and have what must surely be the most scenic triathlon bike course in the world. Amazing.

Short Course MTB Course Description – Adult Race

MTB Course Description – Junior Race

8km (ish) Off-Road Run

This is going to be interesting. It’s proper off road. In fact, it’s more like a hill-race than the ‘cross country’ you might remember from school. The route will take you across rough trackless boggy and wild hillsides, but you’ll be rewarded with the most incredible views of the island, the Forth of Lorne, and the Isle of Mull. Along the way you’ll visit the highest point on Kerrera – 189m above sea level, and the ruined Gylen Castle before returning to the finish at the ferry slip. You may wish to incorporate a few hills in your training regime……


Normal Triathlon Scotland rules will apply – see for further details.

We are really hot on no littering. We rely on the goodwill of our landowners, and we just cannot afford for them to be irritated, or the island spoilt by our litter. This specifically includes Gel/Bar wrappers, Banana skins etc. Simple rule: if you’re caught littering, it’s an instant DQ. You’ve been warned (sorry to be heavy, but…. you know!).

Note: no campervans/motorhomes (vans under 6m/Transit van size are ok) are allowed in our car parks (including Puffin Dive Centre)

Bike Hire

Here’s some possibilities for local bike hire. Please note: these aren’t recommendations – we’re just trying to help 🙂

  • (Fort William)
  • Bike Fix (Oban) 01631 566033
  • Off Beat Bikes (Fort William) – – these folks also sell swimming wetsuits.


Craggy Island Athlete Briefing Notes 2022

Craggy XL Saturday – Course Map

Craggy Sunday – Course Map

Craggy Junior – Course Map

Please, please read this it will answer most if not all of your questions.  Make sure you pay attention to timings, if you miss the ferry for registration you will not be able to compete

What’s included in the entry fee?

  • Professionally organised race
  • Full water safety team cover
  • Full race medical first aid cover
  • Chip Timing
  • Ferry Fees for Competitors
  • Optional Event T-Shirt (or tree-planting donation)


Isle of Kerrera,
nr. Oban,
Argyll & Bute

useful links

useful links

Can I ditch the wetsuit?

This event is run under Triathlon Scotland Rules please see Competition Rules – Triathlon Scotland for information on wetsuit use and water temperatures.

Can I wear boots/gloves?

This event is run under Triathlon Scotland Rules please see Competition Rules – Triathlon Scotland for information on the use of boots/gloves for the swim section.

What’s the water temperature?

Water Temperatures vary depending on the weather conditions pre-event but the sea temperature is likely to be around 12-14oC.

What type of bike do I need?

We would recommend a mountain bike for this event, however depending on biker ability you may be able to use a gravel or cross bike. Please read our course guides carefully before choosing a non-mountain bike option .

Can a Relay Team be made up of 2 people rather than 3?

Yes relay teams can be made of 2 people with 1 person completing 2 of the 3 sections, when completing the entry be sure to put the appropriate name against each event leg.

What is the exact route?

Full route information will be published on our website around 2 weeks prior to the event. Some routes require land owner permission and cannot be recced prior to the event, we therefore do not publish the route in advance of the events.

Can I bring a campervan?

Car parking is tight so unfortunately we are unable to accept campervans/motorhomes (vans under 6m/Transit van size are ok) in our car parks – we just can’t fit big vehicles in.  Please do not try to bring large vehicles to this event, it causes chaos.

Can I defer?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer deferrals, for information on refund options please see Terms & Conditions – Durty Events.

Can I have a refund?

For information on refund options please see Terms & Conditions – Durty Events.

Can I Change distance?

If the event you have entered has more than 1 distance option available then it is possible to transfer to another distance, this must be done at least 2 weeks in advance of the event and may be subject to a small admin fee. Please see Terms & Conditions – Durty Events for more information.

I’ve forgotten if I signed up, can you check? If you selected the option to display your entry on the website you will be able to look up the list at the bottom of this page.  If you did not select to display your name then please keep hold of your race confirmation email.


saturday 1st Oct 2022 | xl triathlon

Sunday 2nd Oct 2022 | triathlon

See who has entered so far… this only includes entrants who have allowed us to share their entry.
If you have entered and would like to appear here, please login and edit your entry and tick to appear on website.

Saturday XL Craggy Triathlon

NameGenderAge Category
Bronagh WishartFemaleSenior
Stephen NicholsonMaleSenior
Iain VeitchMaleVeteran
Romane CaradeucFemaleSenior
Derek WilkieMaleVeteran
Taliesin HawkinsMaleSenior
Aly LyonMaleVeteran
Philippe JumeauMaleVintage
Emily Wilson-BealesFemaleSenior
Rachael ButcherFemaleSenior
James TedhamMaleSenior
Rebecca WeeksFemaleSenior
Lewis WilliamsMaleSenior
Stephen HandsMaleSenior
Adam FrancisMaleSenior
James CreavinMaleSenior
David AdamMaleSenior
Andrew StanleyMaleVeteran
justin taitMaleSuper Veteran
Kenny MacgruerMaleVeteran
Alan McMillanMaleSenior
John BaxterMaleVeteran
Phil ChesserMaleSuper Veteran
Andrew HunterMaleVeteran
Zach KohlerMaleSenior
Hector MackayMaleSuper Veteran
Aaron HunterMaleSenior
David RiceMaleVeteran
Megan BakerFemaleSenior
David BoyesMaleSuper Veteran
Ruth MarsdenFemaleSuper Veteran
Matthew WoodMaleSenior
Jack NicollMaleSenior
Innes ChalmersMaleSuper Veteran
Katy ThomsonFemaleSenior
Nick BrownMaleSenior
Gareth HayhoeMaleVeteran
Finlay Macaulay-SmithMaleSenior
Phil AdamsMaleVeteran
Tim AwberyMaleSenior
Joe HowellMaleSenior
Rory DrummMaleSenior
Andy NicollMaleSenior
Iain KellockMaleSenior
Jennifer PrenticeFemaleSenior
Ian ThompsonMaleVintage
Daniel O'BrienMaleSenior
Jeremy MilneMaleSuper Veteran
David SandersonMaleVeteran
Andrew ClarkMaleSuper Veteran
David MorriceMaleSuper Veteran
Sean M MurphyMaleVeteran
Rory GibsonMaleSenior
Gill CarrollFemaleVeteran
Nick MillerMaleVeteran
David BlacoeMaleVeteran
Drew GallacherMaleSenior
Zoe MillerFemaleSenior
Emma RobsonFemaleSenior
Peter BruceMaleSenior
Claire McCrawFemaleSenior
Robin CanningMaleVeteran
Simon TylerMaleSenior
Neil WightwickMaleVeteran
Jan EvettsMaleVeteran
Alex FergussonFemaleVeteran
Ronan WatsonMaleVeteran
Graham MunroMaleSuper Veteran
Jasmine KillenFemaleSenior
Mark HartreeMaleSuper Veteran
jeremy selmesMaleVeteran
Mike ThomsonMaleVintage
Ross BrownMaleSenior
Andrew HartMaleVeteran
Kenneth WhiteMaleSuper Veteran
Annabel YoungFemaleSuper Veteran
Sheila FoxFemaleVintage
Clare HarrisFemaleSenior
Mhairi MacinnesFemaleSenior
Justin Du PlessisMaleSenior
Pam DuttonFemaleVintage
Kirsten CluleyFemaleSenior
Edie BoothFemaleSenior
David StewartMaleSuper Veteran
Grant SimpsonMaleSenior
Peter GrantMaleVeteran
Karolina KubalaFemaleSenior
Callum MacleodMaleSenior
Allan BellMaleVeteran
Emily StoneFemaleSenior
Neil ArthurMaleSuper Veteran
Angus WhiteMaleSuper Veteran
Mike ElmMaleSenior
Mika SchroderFemaleSenior
Kenny ShortMaleSuper Veteran
Adam BellMaleVeteran
Maya GordonFemaleVeteran
Alan CardwellMaleSuper Veteran
Alasdair DunlopMaleVeteran
Jeremy MactaggartMaleSuper Veteran
Sam PotterFemaleSenior
Crawford GambleMaleVeteran
Tim BrandMaleVintage
Scott MarriottMaleSuper Veteran
Daniel GladwinMaleSenior
Ben WalkerMaleVeteran
Martin HadlingtonMaleVintage
Duncan ShearerMaleSuper Veteran
Callum PrenticeMaleSenior
Alison RogerFemaleVeteran
Jamie SnowdonMaleVeteran
David HarcourtMaleSuper Veteran
Marie MeldrumFemaleVeteran
Roy MitchellMaleSuper Veteran
Dominic SharkeyMaleSenior
Ross MillerMaleSenior
Simon GelsthorpeMaleVintage
Charlotte AllenFemaleSenior
Aidan RafteryMaleVintage
Kay StokesFemaleVintage
Ruari SmithMaleSenior
Michael SimmsMaleSuper Veteran
Ewan JellyMaleVeteran
lee HollandFemaleSenior
Max HollowayMaleSenior
Laura ButlerFemaleVeteran
Matthew BullMaleVeteran
Colin TurnerMaleSuper Veteran
Mark TindalMaleSenior
Russell TraynorMaleSuper Veteran
Kerry MathewsonMaleSuper Veteran
Freda NicolsonFemaleVeteran
Tony WhitakerMaleSuper Veteran
Andrea DavisonFemaleVeteran
Jonathan EllisMaleVeteran
Juliette LinfordFemaleSenior
Nial SmithMaleVeteran
Mark RollandMaleSuper Veteran
Sally RollandFemaleSuper Veteran
Callum ShanksMaleSenior
Emily MurphyFemaleSenior
Kate BreedenFemaleSenior
Matthew DeamerMaleSenior
Steven SmallMaleSuper Veteran
Andy TaylorMaleVeteran
Marlene OrthFemaleSenior
Iain WoodMaleSuper Veteran
Sarah BarryFemaleVeteran
Paul WyattMaleSenior
Vicki KennedyFemaleVeteran
Craig HoughtonMaleSuper Veteran
James ScottMaleSenior
Pamela PaxtonFemaleSuper Veteran
Colin PaxtonMaleSuper Veteran
Lewis DicksonMaleSenior
Grant AngusMaleSenior
Anna HaddenFemaleSenior
Stephen MillerMaleSenior
Matthew ReidMaleSenior
Robin TorrieMaleSuper Veteran
Eric BasterMaleSenior
Megan DaveyFemaleVeteran
Ritchie DuncanMaleSenior
Lyndsey CacketteFemaleSenior
Ross McNultyMaleSuper Veteran
Richard FrickletonMaleVeteran
Richard SouterMaleSuper Veteran
John GoodMaleSuper Veteran
Keith VeitchMaleSenior
Jamie CollinsMaleVeteran
Allan MacleanMaleSuper Veteran
Megan MowbrayFemaleVeteran
Dan WiltonMaleVeteran
Chris MorrisonMaleSuper Veteran
Bruce GreenhalghMaleVeteran
Kirsty ChalmersFemaleVeteran
Neil RamsayMaleVeteran
Neil MckerleyMaleVeteran
David MorganMaleVeteran
Euan BattenMaleVeteran
Geoff LynnMaleSuper Veteran
Keith ScottMaleSuper Veteran
William StricklandMaleSenior
Gordon LawrieMaleVeteran
Catherine MacFarlaneFemaleVeteran
Robert FergussonMaleVeteran
Jack DicksonMaleSuper Veteran
David MilroyMaleSuper Veteran
Peter MullanMaleSuper Veteran
Andrew BinnieMaleVeteran
Emily VenablesFemaleSenior
Colin CossarMaleVeteran
Damien HolahanMaleVeteran
Simon AggusMaleSuper Veteran
Daniel KemishMaleSuper Veteran
Adrian FouldsMaleVintage
Gregor HoggMaleSenior
Alanna MerrieFemaleVeteran
Kate gradwellFemaleVeteran
Craig McGouganMaleVeteran
Andy MatthewsMaleVintage
Matt HobbyMaleVeteran
Graham CottonMaleSuper Veteran
Andrew JonesMaleSenior
Nicol FraserMaleSuper Veteran
Niall BaxterMaleSuper Veteran
Alistair DochertyFemaleSenior
Sarah ReedFemaleSenior
Savannah PartonFemaleSenior
David RossMaleVeteran
Suzannet Tassiker-DowsonFemaleSuper Veteran
Neil AitkenMaleSuper Veteran
Ian WoodmanMaleVeteran
Kieran MiddletonMaleSuper Veteran
Catriona PadmanabhanFemaleSenior
Neal PadmanabhanMaleSuper Veteran
Mia PadmanabhanFemaleSenior
Innes MintoMaleSenior
Paul MintoMaleSuper Veteran
Heledd RheinalltFemaleSenior
Molloy ConalMaleSuper Veteran
Andrew GambleMaleVeteran
joel blatherwickMaleSenior
Laura MackayFemaleVeteran
Stephen SmithMaleVintage
Jenny WardFemaleVeteran
Alistair InnesMaleVeteran
Scott SamuelMaleVeteran
Nikki PicozziFemaleVeteran
stewart kibbyMaleSuper Veteran
Debbie BarnettFemaleSenior
Omar AjazMaleSenior
Jonny AbbottMaleSenior
Mark McAlisterMaleSuper Veteran
Ryan McalisterMaleSenior
Krysia SmithFemaleVeteran
Mike AyresMaleSuper Veteran
Roddy SandemanMaleSenior
Joe MaloneyMaleSenior
Steven ArmstrongMaleVeteran
James CochraneMaleSuper Veteran
stephen crawfordMaleSuper Veteran
Luke DainesMaleSenior
finn trenholmMaleSenior
Robin BourneMaleVeteran
Gerard McCabeMaleSenior
Kieran SweeneyMaleSenior
Iain ChirnsideMaleVeteran
Graham CalderMaleSuper Veteran
Jen MackessackFemaleSenior
Katie GambleFemaleSenior
Angus WelchMaleSuper Veteran
Ian JarvisMaleSenior
Chris ButterworthMaleVeteran
Kevin Eltoft-PrestMaleVeteran
Stephen BeresfordMaleVeteran
Iain EdwardMaleSenior
Lindsay QuayleFemaleVeteran
Gavin MooreMaleSenior
Eleanor MunroFemaleSuper Veteran
john finlayMaleSuper Veteran
Richard HydeMaleSuper Veteran
Matt CharltonMaleSenior
ian mcmillanMaleSuper Veteran
Kirsty McCarlieFemaleSenior
Shane WasikMaleVeteran
Liam WatsonMaleSenior
Michael RossFemaleVeteran
David MuirMaleSuper Veteran
Calum HoggMaleSenior
Jack BrickellMaleSenior
Hannah GrittiFemaleSenior
Leslie SimpsonMaleSenior
Stephen MudieMaleSenior
Carol LockFemaleSenior
Colm FitzgeraldMaleSenior
NameGenderAge Category

Sunday Craggy Triathlon

NameGenderAge Category
Gavin PerryMaleSenior
Euan MackenzieMaleSenior
Andrew HoodMaleSenior
Daniel Horen GreenfordMaleSenior
Katie EdgeFemaleSenior
Alice McCraeFemaleVeteran
Brad HolleronMaleSenior
Ken MacMahonMaleVeteran
Sandy UrquhartMaleSenior
Roger GilesMaleSuper Veteran
andrew thompsonMaleSuper Veteran
Katie DenehyFemaleSuper Veteran
Chris DenehyMaleVintage
Vijaya PietersonFemaleSenior
Pamela DobbieFemaleVeteran
Penny MartynFemaleVeteran
Anna BettinsonFemaleVeteran
Matthew GreenMaleVeteran
Gillian FraserFemaleVeteran
Martin McCueMaleVeteran
Calum GlenMaleSenior
Ellen BirdFemaleSenior
Holly MilneFemaleJunior
Brian MacLeodMaleSuper Veteran
Renuka RamanujamFemaleSenior
Thea PalmeeFemaleVeteran
Meg PughFemaleSenior
Charlotte RoweFemaleSenior
Craig RobertsMaleSenior
James RobbMaleSenior
David CrispMaleVintage
Wendy StillFemaleSuper Veteran
Linda QuinnFemaleVeteran
Andrew LambertMaleVeteran
Rhoda KennedyFemaleVeteran
Clive RobertsMaleVintage
Gavin PerryMaleSenior
Tim WebsterMaleVeteran
adam websterMaleVeteran
Paul ShepherdMaleVintage
Emma BurtlesFemaleSuper Veteran
Elisabeth LeightonFemaleVintage
Alasdair HoodMaleVintage
Rachael HallFemaleSenior
Karen RobinsonFemaleVeteran
Sonja MitchellFemaleVeteran
Ian WattMaleSenior
David GreenMaleVintage
Rob PallotMaleSenior
Brian LandelsMaleSuper Veteran
Heather GillmanFemaleJunior
Sharon TaylorFemaleVintage
Philippa BattyeFemaleSenior
Claire SteinFemaleSuper Veteran
Megan Singh LandaFemaleSenior
Miriam BlackFemaleSenior
Joe Mountford-SmithMaleSenior
Isla McCullochFemaleSenior
Holly MackayFemaleSenior
Kevin McInnesMaleVintage
Sarah-Jane FergusonFemaleSenior
Benita Hensman-MartinFemaleSuper Veteran
Nina NicolFemaleSuper Veteran
Christopher BrowneMaleVeteran
Clare BrydenFemaleVeteran
Craig WoodMaleSenior
Finlay TaylorMaleJunior
Justine ArmstrongFemaleVeteran
Hannah CavesFemaleJunior
Kim LastMaleSuper Veteran
lindsay mackayMaleSenior
Chad HarrisonMaleVeteran
Kevin BarclayMaleSuper Veteran
Allan TaylorMaleSuper Veteran
Hannah TerranceFemaleSenior
Stuart KellyMaleVeteran
colin HysonMaleSenior
Penny HawdonFemaleVeteran
Shelley WilliamsFemaleVeteran
Gavin HighgateMaleVeteran
Gillian BeattieFemaleSenior
Sam HislopMaleSenior
Dominic GarvinMaleVeteran
Carrie UrquhartFemaleVeteran
richard sempleMaleSuper Veteran
Rosie ShankeyFemaleSenior
Bryony NelsonFemaleSenior
Sarah NimmoFemaleSenior
Freya Gannon BurnsFemaleSenior
aurelien quintinMaleVeteran
Callum GordonMaleSenior
Anja PowellFemaleSenior
Keith DalgleishMaleSenior
Jenny HamiltonFemaleVeteran
Steven HurstMaleVeteran
Ruaraidh cameronMaleSenior
Fraser CameronMaleSenior
Jamie StokoeMaleSuper Veteran
Calum HOADMaleSenior
John DochertyMaleVeteran
Tara MathewsonFemaleJunior
Christopher McAdieMaleVeteran
Thomas MeenaghMaleVintage
Lorna OldershawFemaleVeteran
Caroline BatesFemaleVeteran
Iona UnderwoodFemaleSenior
John StevensonMaleVintage
Gillian LyallFemaleSuper Veteran
Ulrike DamerowFemaleVintage
Murdo GrahamMaleSenior
Eilidh McGowanFemaleVeteran
Steven GroomMaleVeteran
Melanie HerriotFemaleSenior
Nikki AndrewsFemaleSenior
David HendersonMaleSuper Veteran
Paul KellyMaleVeteran
Kirsten FawbertFemaleVeteran
Nigel ShaddickMaleSuper Veteran
Barry LovernMaleSenior
CLARE BONDFemaleVeteran
Finn MilesMaleSenior
Peter BerrieMale
Sam GoldblattMaleSenior
Melanie Peacock ChmielewskaFemaleSuper Veteran
Iain CampbellMaleSuper Veteran
Julia PollardFemaleSuper Veteran
Robert ReidMaleVeteran
Hannah RichardsonFemaleSenior
Fergus OlearyMaleVeteran
Joanne OlearyFemaleVeteran
Lynne AndersonFemaleSenior
ian meekMaleSuper Veteran
sharon beckFemaleSuper Veteran
Sandra RATHJENFemaleSuper Veteran
Fiona BallFemaleSenior
Bob ScottMale
Sue CheshireFemaleSuper Veteran
Keri WeatherhoggFemaleVeteran
Angus DuggieMaleSenior
Andrew NewissMaleSuper Veteran
Richard BrassingtonMaleSuper Veteran
Freya WilliamsonFemaleSenior
Mairi MackayFemaleVeteran
Jo StevensFemaleVeteran
Imogen MurrayFemaleSenior
Neil GourlayMaleSuper Veteran
Lee CraigieFemaleVeteran
katherine harrisFemaleSenior
oli warlowMaleSenior
Stuart ThompsonMaleSuper Veteran
Rosie GrahamFemaleSenior
Ruth LongmuirFemaleSenior
Elizabeth AdamsFemaleVeteran
Alan HomerMaleSenior
Hannah GrahamFemaleSenior
Gemma EllisFemaleVeteran
Doug LunnissMaleVintage
Rhona MacRaeFemaleSenior
Kirsty MacRaeFemaleSenior
Alan MacRaeMaleSuper Veteran
John CarmichaelMaleSuper Veteran
Sharon HoggFemaleSuper Veteran
Graeme ArmstrongMaleSenior
Kevin SlesserMaleVeteran
Luisa CirielloFemaleSenior
Fiona ThainFemaleVeteran
Jill GudelisFemaleSuper Veteran
Skye CampbellFemaleJunior
Zubin ThackerMaleVeteran
Fraser AinslieMaleSuper Veteran
Struan CraigMaleJunior
Fiona CraigFemaleSuper Veteran
J McnicholFemaleSuper Veteran
N GordonMaleSuper Veteran
Lucy HeycockFemaleSuper Veteran
Jack FawcettMaleSenior
Trina StirlingFemaleSuper Veteran
Lisa NormanFemaleSenior
Lorna NicholsonFemaleVintage
Mike TalbotMaleSuper Veteran
Elizabeth AllenFemaleVeteran
Susan AllenFemale
Elizabeth BrookesFemaleVeteran
Karen MacneeFemaleSuper Veteran
Struan MacneeMaleSuper Veteran
Matt AllenMaleVeteran
Hannah YoungFemaleSenior
Paul NormanMaleSenior
Catriona GarvieFemaleSenior
Fiona McKeanFemaleSenior
elizabeth neilFemaleVeteran
kllian trenholmMaleJunior
john MyerscoughMaleVintage
Christine MyerscoughFemaleVintage
Peter SurteesMaleSenior
Mark SimpsonMaleVintage
Maggie MagorFemaleSuper Veteran
Jane SlaughterFemaleSuper Veteran
James SlaughterMaleVeteran
Rachel McKerralFemaleSenior
Julie WatsonFemaleSuper Veteran
Graeme DolbyMaleVeteran
Christopher FowlerMaleSuper Veteran
David GillmanMaleSuper Veteran
Carol BelshawFemaleVeteran
Jude BalfourFemaleSenior
Jack McManusMaleSenior
Andy MunroMaleSuper Veteran
Dai GittinsMaleVintage
Alexander HandsMaleSenior
Anna LilleyFemaleSenior
Iain BaxterMaleVeteran
Jackie McGuireFemaleSuper Veteran
Karen ScottFemaleSuper Veteran
Yvonne MouldsFemaleVeteran
Anneli DainesFemaleSenior
Ronnie MacPhersonMaleVeteran
Shona GallagherFemaleSenior
Jen BeattieFemaleVeteran
Michael StewartMaleSuper Veteran
Lynda CampbellFemaleSuper Veteran
Kenneth YoungMaleSuper Veteran
Eilidh WardlawFemaleVeteran
Mark CohenMaleVeteran
Joanne BaxterFemaleVeteran
NameGenderAge Category

Saturday XL Craggy Tri relay

Team NameTeam Gender
Go on, go on, go onMixed
The Banterers Dream TeamAll Female
Waddle SquadMixed
Clarkie ChaosMixed
Hunk in trunks n KathMixed
Surf n’ TurfMixed
Girls aloudAll Female
The RoachesMixed
PeebsAll Female
Furious and the fastAll Female
The Buff Boys and LorraineMixed
The Buff Girls and PaulMixed
Team NameTeam Gender

Sunday Craggy Tri relay

Team NameTeam Gender
The McGougansAll Male
Peter, Al, KimMixed
Laura & The Old BoysMixed
This was a birthday “present”Mixed
Fit to dropMixed
Pentland Triathlete Junior MamasAll Female
Rae and Fraser AssociatesAll Male
Down The LaneMixed
The NorweegiesMixed
Eddie and MartinAll Male
Ah go on…All Female
Girls On FormAll Female
Hard as NailsMixed
Colts trioMixed
The SimpsonsMixed
Porty DadsAll Male
Archie’s PalsMixed
These Girls Can TriAll Female
Team NameTeam Gender

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