12th October 2024

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2024 Entries

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NameGenderAge Category
Karen AlfordFemaleVeteran
Doug AlsopMaleSuper Vintage
Darryl MillsMaleVeteran
Alex ChanMaleSuper Veteran
Matt BuckMaleVeteran
Dai DaviesMaleVeteran
Paul MartinMaleVeteran
Harrison WebbMaleSenior
Armando VieiraMaleVeteran
Sarah NootFemaleSuper Veteran
Glenn BaileyMaleVeteran
Jonathan AstonMaleSenior
Andrew MarshallMaleVeteran
Steven FairbairnMaleVeteran
Ed FraserMaleSuper Veteran
James BatterleyMaleSenior
Horan DavidMaleVeteran
martin hallasMaleVeteran
Rachel GorajalaFemaleSuper Veteran
Alfie DorneMaleSenior
Charlie BrookesMaleSuper Veteran
WILL Maunder-TaylorMaleVeteran
Harrison HunterMaleSenior
Steve BurtonMaleVeteran
Bruce HumphreyMaleVeteran
Nicholas cookMaleVeteran
Holly WoottenFemaleSenior
Ivan HolroydMaleSuper Veteran
Mark OakesMaleVeteran
Ian AldisMaleSuper Veteran
Kate AllenFemaleSuper Veteran
Rich CoxMaleSuper Veteran
Helen WaltonFemaleVeteran
Alex AtkinsonMaleSenior
Tara HiltonFemaleSuper Veteran
Cheryl MortFemaleVeteran
Gary MortMaleSuper Veteran
Peter HutchinsonMaleSuper Veteran
Mark DuncanMaleSuper Veteran
Rosalind MurrayFemaleVeteran
edward ryderMaleSuper Veteran
Neil WilliamsMaleVeteran
Mark BarnesMaleSenior
Alex GauntMaleSuper Veteran
Alisha StonierFemaleSenior
Matthew GowrieMaleSenior
Shaun HorsfieldMaleSuper Veteran
Maria CrawfordFemaleSenior
Emma OakesFemaleVeteran
Dan WalmsleyMaleVeteran
Lee BhagatMaleSuper Veteran
Kaine PritchettMaleSuper Veteran
Thomas RenwickMaleVeteran
Robert McKenzieMaleSenior
Carl BellMaleVeteran
Jeanne PoseyFemaleVeteran
Hannah ShuttFemaleSenior
Andrew WilkinsonMaleSuper Veteran
Bruce BarnesMaleVintage
Matt BartonMaleVeteran
Maura BunnFemaleVeteran
Ian RocheMaleVintage
Paul RocheMaleVintage
Omar JundiMaleSenior
NameGenderAge Category